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"I want to give a shout out to Julius the Cannabis Program Manager at Mosaic Insurance Alliance! I needed to place coverage asap, and Julius came through with a great quote that provided the coverages I needed at a very competitive rate, in just two days! The cert was issued and I was good to go…

Thank you Julius, I appreciate your help."

Hustle Butter LLC


"Paul is my go-to insurance agent for not only my clients but also myself. Great customer service, follow-through, and very competitive rates to name a few of the reasons why I refer my clients to him with confidence. I couldn't think of a better person for the job!"

Dave Z., Mortgage Master

“Amy and her team provide super customer service.  It is clear that they care about their customers and work to make sure their needs are met.”

Rachel F., Seattle

“I have referred clients to the Mosaic Insurance Alliance and have been very impressed with their service and follow up with my clients.  I have heard back from my clients that I have referred and they have appreciated Mosaic looking at all of their insurance needs and coverage and making sure they have the appropriate coverage in all aspects of their life.  The clients have saved money and their overall coverage has increased creating a win/win for my clients.  Great job to the Mosaic Team!”

Jim C., Guild Mortgage

“I just wanted to say thank you for all of your patience and work that you did for me!  I will surely be spreading the word to my friends and family about your service!  Ashley and I have a stack of Mosaic Insurance cards that we will pass around and hopefully we can find you some more customers. J”

Nicholas F.

"It's important to me because I am now widowed, and it is good to feel they will recommend what I really need, and will "go to bat" for me, if I need it. Thank you for your honesty, sincerity and caring toward those you serve every day."

Carol S.

"I don't like feeling processed...customer service is dying but not at Mosaic."

Kristen A.

"Thank you Paul!  As always you are the best, there is a reason I choose to stay with you!"

Josh G., Monroe

"Hi Sarah!
You have always been so amazing and helpful.  Thank you so much for verifying my insurance and faxing it over, honestly, you are the best insurance person EVER!  You always respond and are so helpful and friendly, it is so wonderful.  Especially for a new first time home owner like me who is learning the process as I go along.  Thank you so much for everything!  You are the best :)"

Liz C., Kent

“You well deserve it. You make me proud to know you and I feel lucky that you are part of the Snohomish County business community. I feel a bond with you since I also am an ex fisherman, although I didn't fish the Bering Sea. I also am impressed with your record of service to our country. Seeing the time you have put into going over our business insurance, gives me confidence you have our best interest at heart. Seeing that the Everett Herald Business Journal chose you to write monthly articles about insurance is also a good indication you’re at the top of your industry. You’re a busy man, keep up the good work Paul.”

Patrick K., Kelley's Cleaning & Restoration, Everett, WA

"I've lost count of the number clients I've referred to Mosaic insurance over the last few years who've raved about the great service they receive.  Bottom line - they always save my clients $, for the best possible coverage, for that I am very thankful!"

Robert B., Senior Loan Officer, Sterling Bank Home Loans

"Being our eyes and ears so we can focus more on running our business and that is the greatest peace of mind one can ask for."

Elise C., Nature’s Distributors Company, Woodinville, WA

“The insurance service for our company was so very good that I switched my personal insurance needs to Mosaic! The new website shows both forward thinking and excellent customer service. Keep up your quality work, you are appreciated.”

Pheo M., PhD.

"Ronda is always so helpful and friendly - and today she went above and beyond and took care of our needs in record time!"

George and Lana L., Lacoto Industries, Inc., Marysville, WA

“I don't know if I've expressed this but working with you (Aurora) has completely restored my opinion in insurance agents and such so thank you for always being so professional and helpful.”

Amanda, Marysville

“Diane is awesome.  She has taken care of so many different demands and changes on my policies.  I appreciate that she takes my calls and truly understands my needs and my family’s needs.  She has spent many hours (I'm sure) re-researching different options to save me money.  Paul has been a gift from heaven-easy to talk to and he takes such an interest in his clients.  He even came to my son's memorial 5 years ago-who does that?  This isn't just a company but a good friend!"

Anna Marie R., Everett, WA

“You guys saved me 600 a year on my car insurance and helped me with my business insurance.”

Jacob M.

“Mosaic has always provided the best pricing on all my insurance needs.”

Tenny S.

“I want to send you a short note on complementing Aurora as she has the drive to go above and beyond to provide the paramount level of superior customer service.  She has not only been very thorough but very prompt and professional in her communications with me.  In the short tenor that I have worked with Aurora, I have been content as a new client.  In my humble opinion Aurora truly complements your team.”

Sanjay M.

“I would recommend Mosaic any time anywhere based on exemplary customer service from the staff to the partners who need a little cougar stomping to bring them back to reality.”

Cindy P.

“I chose Mosaic after meeting Paul at a business class. His knowledge, honesty and business ethics gave me the confidence to choose his company to provide me with what I needed to protect my first business venture.  A year in and they have proven my assumptions right.  All is well and I know my business is being looked out for by people who will protect my interests and aren't intimidated by 80 page insurance documents!  Thanks Paul and Mosaic Team!”

Terra, Crab & Bull Enterprises

“You know I am a huge fan of Mosaic as I tracked you down when you left your former company just so I could continue to get the personalized service that you have always given.  You have always taken care of me with all my insurance needs for which I am grateful.  I feel like I have an advocate in this often confusing industry.”

Cherie R., Keystone Rentals and Real Estate LLC

“Wanted to let you know why I am a fan of Mosaic…  I had never thought about switching insurance until Paul and Sarah walked into our office.  Sarah was quick to get me a great quote that is saving us a bunch each month.  The process to switch was painless!  Thank you!”

Kara P.

“I’m a fan!  My experience with Mosaic has been fantastic.  I truly have enjoyed the expertise from our rep Brittiany Blue-Rothfus with Mosaic.  She’s charming, caring and represented Mosaic with an assurance that I am well covered with my auto insurance.  The process was simple and comparatively speaking I received a great rate compared to my previous insurance company.  You might want to call the corporate headquarters for the Cougars, as UDUB Huskies are going to ‘mush’ all over them…they may need your services too!  Go Dawgs!”

Tim B.

“I love Mosaic and the personal, professional service my family and I receive from not just Paul and Amy, but the entire team! I’ve referred family and friends and they are just as happy. We have our own circle of Mosaic GroupiesJ Best of luck for continued success!”

Marci M., Columbia Bank

“Thank you for your professional approach and the philosophy of care you've had with every one of my clients I've introduced to Mosaic Insurance. I can rest assured that my clients are being well served by top of class agents and receiving the best possible protection package available.  Keep up the good work!

Jeff B.

“You guys are doing a great job.  Rates are competitive.  Service is excellent.”

Mike E., AZ

“Yes I'm a fan of Mosaic. You were able to save me money on my box truck for my business!”

Stewart P., Mattress City

“Hi, guys!!  I LOVE Mosaic Insurance for many reasons...Brittiany Blue-Rothfus and Amy Drewel being two of them, but the best feature, I believe, is their customer service.  They REALLY care about their customers.”

Jan P.

“I love how Mosaic keeps in touch with their clients! These folks are doing a great job for their clients.”

Marlys S.

“I’ve followed Paul Pukis for the past 7 plus years since I’ve moved to the Seattle area. He has always eased my pain in the insurance world by taking the best care of my needs and my family’s needs…always seeking the best deal/option to suit my lifestyle.  Whenever I needed to adjust my account, make a payment or ask any questions pertaining to my life insurance, car insurance and/or renters/homeowners insurance there was a quick response due to Paul’s hardworking team.  Thank you for always providing the best service in the insurance industry!  Mosaic Insurance ROCKS!!”

Jennifer D.

“You make insurance pleasant and easy..... glad I found you guys.”

Suzy K.

“We love Mosaic, they keep us informed and make sure we know that will help us in any way they can.  Go Huskies!  Beat the Cougars!”

George and Pam H.

“Paul has done a wonderful job for us for many years, thanks Paul”

Sue and Ed C.

“I am a SUPER FAN if Mosaic Insurance Alliance because of the people that work there.  They are smart, have high integrity, always act in the best interest of me, and have everything I need for home, auto, boat, and commercial insurance.”

Fred S.

“Mosaic Insurance Alliance, Mr. Paul Pukis and staff have been a great find for our insurance needs.  They are easy to recommend to friends and family members.  They offer an array of options and prices.  They have great follow through and find time to fit into YOUR schedule.  As individuals and businesses, we all have many facets of needs, Mosaic Insurance puts all the many pieces together just as their name suggests.  Go Huskies!”

Heidi L., Home Lovins Cleaning, Winding Path Gardens

“The staff at Mosaic Insurance is very professional and caring. They do a great job at getting the right insurance for the best price for their customers. When there are claims they are extremely helpful, efficient and quick to action. In addition, their reputation is one of friendly service with a personal touch. I know I am in good hands and well covered with my insurance needs. Best way to describe Mosaic Insurance staff is that they are reliable each and every time.”  

Daun B.

“With good service you have agents that find you the best fit for your situation. The most coverage for your budget whether high or low. What is realistic as well as what is needed…Brittiany Rothfus and Aurora Alexander. These two agents have helped in so many ways. They have helped me to understand what my insurance needs are as well as my wants. What I used to think was needed was not nearly enough. While most may think that it is just good salesmanship the cost and coverage was broken down bit by bit to justify all parts. I am a new homeowner and as many know the uncertainty of life brings much stress. With the help of them I can sleep at night knowing that no matter what life brings my family will always be protected. Thanks for all you do. Also to Paul Pukis who explained to me what his goals where for me as far as understanding insurance... thank you too. A great office with lots of knowledge and integrity."

Richard and Teresa L.

“I shopped around with 3 different agencies before I settled on Mosaic. Aurora did a fantastic job helping me find the right fit with a locally based insurer. She understood my needs and acknowledged that I'm looking for good value with an insurance company and not just the cheapest rate. None of the other agents I worked with previously seemed to understand this or made very little effort to win my business. Aurora is very personable and informative which is not always easy to do when your initial conversations are via email. I would strong recommend Aurora and this agency to friends and family any day.”

Chris C.

“I chose Mosaic Insurance because the company and Sarah Boyd in particular, came highly recommended. I received exceptional customer service and experience from Sarah. After speaking with her and getting her recommendations about coverage, I decided to leave Nationwide after 15 years. I am saving money monthly as well as have twice the coverage. Thanks for everything!”

Justin E.

“We got connected with Sarah Boyd through the Mortgage Group Advisory. Bob Richey referred us to Sarah. We trusted the referral and are very happy we went that direction. Sarah has been very thorough with her communication, detailed information, and follow-up. We were able to combine our auto and homeowners insurance for a decent rate. Thank you. Kylee”

Kylee G.

“Thank You Sarah Boyd for all the help in selecting the perfect home coverage for our new home. You made selecting the insurance company and coverage simple for us.  We hope to use Mosaic in the future for more insurance.”

Ron V.

“I just got off the phone with Mosaic Insurance, this time it was Diane. I needed insurance effective today, preferably with no down payment. I already have my ID card in hand AND my insurance is lower than it's EVER been! Thank you Mosaic, for your stellar service, and always going the extra mile to make sure I'm protected and saving money everywhere I can. You all ROCK!”

Sarah G., Bend, OR

“So many companies give the impression that the customer is only a number or made of money and they are entitled to it. Mosaic makes me feel like they care about my needs and wants and do their best to help me.”

Laurie L.

“I am looking for the best deal on insurance and someone I can actually connect with.  I get all of this with Mosaic.”

Kit and Sandy G.

“I like the fact that they know their business or will find out the answer for me.   They take the guess work out of my insurance needs.  I appreciate all you do for me.  Thank you for making sure I am insured properly.”

Mary S.

“Just wanted to say thanks for the good service”

Dave Z., A-Quality Heating and A/C Services

“I recommend Paul and Amy to everyone who even brings up an insurance issue or need. They are the best in the business!”

Sandy C.

“I appreciate having my questions answered promptly, knowing that research was conducted in order to give me the feedback I need to make a decision about my coverage.”

Cindy P.

“Every time we need to call Mosaic, we get the best customer service. Everyone is so courteous, patient, and helpful. All our questions get answered and we usually have quite a few. Thank you!”

Steve and JoAnne R.

“Mosaic Insurance Alliance agents are tops in customer service! They offer a variety of products for any property casualty situation. Everyone at Mosaic is highly educated and always act in the best interest of our family.  PS.  They are also fun people to work with!”

Fred and Jennifer S.

“It is nice to know that the Agent is willing to help and will call back when they say they will.”

Ron L.

“All companies can compete on price but the value of excellent service is much harder to find.”

Andy and Hadae T.

“Brittany was very helpful and responded quickly and courteously when I spoke with her.”

Kathryn M.

“When I call, I know it will be done and I do not have to keep checking.  Great Bunch, would never go anywhere else. Thank you all for everything.”

Marilyn J. R.

“On tight budget and I get more bang for my buck with you.  If I was able to select more options I would. Sarah was very nice and courteous and made sure all my questions were answered.”  

Tom and Beverly B.

“Helpful and caring. I had a bad car year and received so much patience and kindness.   I had a bad accident. The agents at Mosaic helped me so much answering my questions, and always quick to get back to me if needed. Much appreciated their help.” 

Janice D.

“I rely on a service agency to do its job.  Claudia has all the professional qualities that an insurance agent should have.”

Pheo M.

“Greg and I are very happy to be back with Paul. Originally we called his office because we remembered the personal service we received from him when he was with another company.  Sarah has not disappointed us. She helped us through every step of our insurance choices with professional courtesy, while making us feel like family. Thank you Sarah, for answering all my questions and helping me feel comfortable in knowing you're only a phone call away.”

Greg and Kay Hammer

“Good service encompasses all of the above choices.  You are all great, and I refer to you any chance I get.”

Daryl Gerde and Jennifer H.

“A quick response when I have questions about my policy!  I feel like they care about me”

Barbara B.

“You need a relationship with your agent when the time arises.  I like your company and the personal touch you offer.”

Shari and Keith S.

“They are friendly and respectful and I feel like they care about me”  

Doug F.

“Quick response and high level of service makes me always feel like you are on top of my questions and the service you provide has always been great. “

Tina and Lawrence W.

“Easy and quick access to answers or help with issues.  We love the quick responses we get anytime we have a question or problem. It doesn't matter if it is a simple question or filing a claim; we appreciate you being there to help!”

Leslie C.

“You rock!!! Thanks for the quick, EXCELLENT service!!!”

Sarah G.

“Times are hard at the moment and I appreciate the good prices and good service.  I appreciate the process of getting my life insurance. Thanks Paul”

Aman K.

“I'm not very knowledgeable about insurance, but Sarah explains everything so well and answers all my questions. “

Shaun and Brooke K.

“Mosaic builds trust and partnership and not just a number!  I feel like they care about me.  Brittiany, thanks for being there for Kit and I. You are so so awesome!”

Mike W.

“My agent knowing who I am when I call and I appreciate their good service.  Brittiany has always been available to answer my questions and or change my policies. I like she takes the time with me and I don't feel rushed to get out the door.”

Sharon F.

“So excited to be part of the family.  Thanks for all you have done!”

Liza K.

“They are looking out for my best interest by making sure I get the best coverage for the best price and I feel like they care about me.”

Anthony M.

“Mosaic shows respect & care for me, the customer.  They are extremely courteous when I call.”

Leslee F.

“I love that it is cheap and still has great customer service!  I love their good prices, good service and they're courteous.   Sarah Boyd is amazing!  She was recommended by my lender and we are very happy we went with her!”

Sam S.

“Sarah Boyd was so wonderful to work with. Over the years I have heard great things about Mosaic and my experience more than met my expectations. Sarah made our switch such a simply and seamless process, while still answering all my questions. Thank you so much for providing competitive rates with excellent service!”

Aurora M.

“I feel like you are protecting my interests and respond quickly and I appreciate your good service.”

Betty S.

“Price and service is always important with any business and I love your good prices!”

Racheal L.

“They have my best interest at heart and my pocketbook and I feel like they care about me.”

Heather and Aaron J.

“Because money is tight, I like that you shopped around to find me good prices.”

Brigid J.

“I like knowing you're using what you know to look out for me. You know more about the industry than I do.  I recommend Paul and Amy to everyone who even brings up an insurance issue or need. They are the best in the business!"

Sandy C.

“Too many people don't care about customers, only their money, but YOU CARE and that’s GREAT!!!!  Thank you, Brittiany, for always getting back to us.”

Jim & Verna L.

“I don't need insurance often so I like it to be cheap but I feel confident if I were to have a claim that you would be great people to help me in my time of need.  You have good prices, good service, and I feel like you care about me.”

Eric and Catrina H.

“Shout out time. Just switched auto insurance companies (and everything else). I was with "A" national preferred carrier for past 10+ years - 3 cars with 18yo driver. I didn't just save 15% - we saved 50. Read it again... FIFTY PERCENT - $225/mo in savings!!! Oh, AND we increased our coverages on top of it. Better coverage at HALF price?! Yep.  Thank you Safeco and Mosaic Insurance!!”

Bob W.

“I chose Mosaic because Paul Pukis is an awesome agent. He called and emailed me within minutes of my online inquiry. He was funny and professional and gave me a great rate. You've done well to have him working for your company. Thank you!”

Kim S.

“When you actually need to use your insurance it is so important to have a broker that is knowledgeable and quickly answers your questions.  I appreciate your good service and want to thank  Sarah for being so willing and able to advise us on all our insurance needs.”

Cornelia K.

“All employees seem to go above and beyond to find the best deals, to accommodate my needs and I never feel, rushed or neglected.”

Kelsey S.

“I have never bought insurance before so I don't have much to compare Mosaic to, but my dad goes through Mosaic for his insurance and recommended you to me. I know that we switched from Safeco a few years ago. Anyway, I wasn't sure what to expect when buying renters insurance, but Liz was here for me through all of my questions and confusions. I feel taken care of and that's what is important to me. Thank you!”

Emily R

“It feels they will take care of me if I got into a car accident.  I like their good prices and good service.  I feel like they care about me and they’re courteous.  Sarah is the best! She is on top of things, detailed oriented, and knowledgeable.”

Jeff B. and Wendy L.

“Good Prices!  I like being able to have all the coverage I need and be able to afford it.”

Susan R.

“I feel like they care about me and that builds trust.”

Cameo and Marcus K.

“Personalization is what makes me feel that I am taken care of and not part of a huge unknown number of clients and I feel like they care about me.  I love your awesome service and follow-up!”

Denise N.

“I really like your good prices and service has been great.  I have to email Patty Schoelhamer and ask her very stupid question about the coverage and she is always very nice and polite. She never is put out.  Thank you Patty!”

Marjorie S.

“I like personal service and not a different agent each time I call.  I appreciate the good service.”

David and Rebecca L.

“We want others to get to know Amy & Paul like we do.  We like everything about them and Mosaic, Good Prices, Good Service, they care about me and they’re courteous.  Amy & Paul are true professionals in the industry.”

Ron and Laurie H.

“It’s important to have a relationship that keeps me informed and looks after my interests and I feel like they care about me.   Brittiany Rothfus is wonderful.  She is a 'Rock Star' with our account.  Prompt, informative and truly cares!  It's great to know that when something happens in our world that we can call Brittiany for honest answers.”

Tim B.

“I feel like they are looking out for your best interest and that they care about me.   Thanks for being there for us. You're the best!”

Mike W.

“My agent knows who I am.  They have good prices, good service, and I feel like they care about me.  Thank you for all your help in protecting our home and family.”


“That's obvious, right, I feel like they care about me.  Paul is awesome and so is everyone I've had contact with at his agency.  Great service!”

Dawn R.

“By combining our auto and home policies all under one provider (Pemco), your agent saved us a lot of money. We were buying a second home but, thanks to Sarah Boyd's work, we saw effectively no increase in our total payments after she switched us to Pemco.”

Marcus D.

“Thank you for being so well educated about your job .  After working long hours when I call they are very courteous and caring.  It feels good knowing I don't have to second guess you.”

Mary S.

“I like to be informed and Paul and Amy do a great job!”

Meghan W.

“Customer service is key and I feel like they care about me.  Thanks Paul and Amy!”

Ron R.

“It's all about customer service.  As a customer, I want to feel like they care about me.  Everyone at Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC is helpful and makes me feel like they care about my specific situation. I would and do recommend them to people I know and meet.”

Janine K.

“Paul Pukis gave us excellent customer service when he was with another agency and we were very sad to see him go.  He treated us like family.  When the time came to make a change in our insurance, we immediately thought of Paul and called his office.  We are very happy with the response we were given and happy to be 'part of the family' again. They really worked hard to find an answer to our 'special' need at this time.”

Pamela B.

“I always want quick responses and I get good service.”

Betty S.

“I was looking for non-standard insurance. I have an art business, where art is being shipped to galleries and clients frequently. I needed insurance coverage for while the art was being created, shipped, and at the gallery. Paul Pukis worked very hard to put together a policy that would work for my specific needs.”

Kimberly H.

“I’ve just been through a nasty divorce, feeling dejected, nice to feel someone has my back and I feel like they care about me.  Thank you so much Patty!  Through all the turbulence you have been there for me! Thanks again.  I'm not going anywhere else!”

Stacy B.

“It is important for me to save money.  Thanks for good prices and service!"

Chris D.

“It is a comforting feeling knowing that you are being taken care of and I really feel they care about me.  Thank you for always looking out for the best interest of your customers!”  

Heidi L.

“Good service is also important but with every dollar counting we do make decisions based a lot on price and I love the good prices!”

Laura P.

“It's nice to know they care and if you have changes they are very quick to respond.  We have had little contact( which is good) but when we had question they were very quick and courteous.”

Linda and Rex B.

“I'm a BUSY widow of three children, it is extremely important that I receive good prices and customer service.  And, just knowing someone cares about my insurance needs is comforting.”

Stephanie N.

“I can choose any agency; it’s the service and making me feel important that makes all the difference.  Claudia is very responsive and has been really helpful with multiple requests over the last 10 months."

Erik K.

“Too many people don't care about customers, only their money.  But, You Care and That’s GREAT!!!!  Thank you, Brittiany, for always getting back to you.”

Jim and Verna L.

“We all want value in our lives and I feel like Mosaic gets me the best value.  You are all great, and I refer to you any chance I get.”

Daryl G.

“Mosaic gets me the best deals!  You guys are awesome!”

Stefan S.

“Good service and the feeling that your agent cares about your needs gives you confidence that they are looking out for you and I feel like Mosaic cares about me.  Our agent and staff has been there for us to ensure we are well covered for a reasonable price. They are available if we have any questions or for urgent matters.”

Debbie G.

“Being in the insurance business, I expect great service.   Brittany is always on the ball whenever I need anything.  She is truly a great agent!”

Danielle F.