Cannabis/Hemp/CBD Insurance Produced for the State of Alaska

A Straight-Forward Approach to Navigating the Cannabis Industry in Alaska

Alaska Cannabis InsuranceIs it legal? Or, isn’t it legal? The questions surrounding the legalization of marijuana in the state of Alaska were addressed with the approval of Ballot Measure 2. Now, Alaskans 21 years and older may legally possess up to one ounce of cannabis and up to six plants. 

Alaska has a longstanding tradition of back-and-forth legislation surrounding marijuana possession. Decriminalization steps were taking within the state legislature in 1975, while reversal of the original enactment was issued in 1990 with the Alaska Marijuana Criminalization Initiative.  

Now, as Ballot Measure 2 rolls out, the weed industry continues to grow and evolve in The Last Frontier. As producers, distributors, and dispensary owners prepare for the adventure ahead, it’s important to consider protection available. 

Alaska Marijuana Insurance

Policies Developed for Alaska Cannabis Producers and Distributors

Insurance policies, specifically regarding marijuana, cannabis and CBD coverage, can be a challenge to plant. As a result, our agents work closely with clients in the state of Alaska to develop relevant protection. 

At Mosaic insurance Alliance, LLC, we stay on top of developments in the Alaska marijuana industry, and strive to keep our northern neighbors safeguarded from loss. As an agency, we rolled into the marijuana insurance business in our home state of Washington, but have since expanded into surrounding states, including Alaska. 

Tackle the Wilderness Ahead with Comprehensive Marijuana Insurance Protection

Before a policy is planted, we work directly with clients to review specific operations. From smoke shops to weed manufacturers, contrasting processes introduce differing risks. Together, we take time to review these risks, as well as identify protective measures relevant to Alaska businesses, including marijuana growers insurance, business income insurance, and cannabis processor insurance. 

Cannabis/Marijuana Insurance in AlaskaOnce requirements are thoroughly established, our agents can begin planting the seed of protection with our cannabis retail insurance program. Coverages accessible throughout the state of Alaska encompass: 

  • Marijuana Crops
  • Finished Stock
  • Governmental Action
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Indoor Grow Equipment
  • Outdoor Grow Equipment
  • Business Income
  • Transit/Cargo Coverage
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Commercial Auto / Delivery Vehicle

Coverage specific to the cannabis industry may grow alongside traditional business insurance protection. To learn more about cannabis coverage available in Alaska, please contact our agency

Is Cannabis Insurance Available Near Me?

As the longstanding effects of Ballot Measure 2 continue to arise, agents at Mosaic Insurance Alliance, LLC remain committed to growing avenues for protection. As a business member of the Marijuana Business Association (MJBA), we stay up-to-date on trends impacting the cannabis industry, especially information specific to the state of Alaska. Stay in the loop by signing up for our email newsletter by clicking here

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Mosaic Insurance Alliance is proud to provide marijuana insurance across Alaska, WashingtonOregon, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, Montana, and California.

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