Cannabis/Hemp/CBD Insurance Produced for the State of Colorado

Customizing Cannabis Insurance Solutions to Growers, Producers, and Distributors in Colorado

The legalization of medical marijuana with the passing of Amendment 20 forever changed the cannabis landscape in the state of Colorado. Additional adjustments with the passing of Amendment 64 only continued the cause, expanding legalization to encompass recreational use of weed.

As the marijuana industry continues to evolve throughout Colorado, the need arises to property protect related assets with comprehensive insurance coverage.

An Agency Dedicated to Insuring the Colorado Marijuana Industry

Even in a growing marketing, establishing accurate protection for weed producers and distributors can be difficult. When trends arise, so do providers who see the dollar signs of protecting your business without experience or firm industry insight.

At Mosaic Insurance Alliance, LLC, we have been at the forefront of protection in our home state of Washington, as well as surrounding states. Our agents remain up-to-date on not only the insurance industry, but also the cannabis industry within the state of Colorado. 

Cannabis Insurance Solutions Produced for Our Colorado Neighbors

Every policy produced is done so within the lens of your marijuana business operations. The protection strategy we issue to a smoke shop versus an individual that manufactures cannabis differs. Differences also exist if you are cultivating cannabis indoors or within a greenhouse. It takes an insurance agent with cannabis industry knowledge to weed out these alterations in an efficient manner.

Cannabis Insurance ColoradoAfter identifying risks, our agents can plant protection courtesy of our encompassing marijuana insurance program. Coverages available within the state of Colorado include, but are not limited to:

  • Retail Dispensaries
  • Marijuana Crops
  • Finished Stock
  • Governmental Action
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Indoor Grow Equipment
  • Outdoor Grow Equipment
  • Business Income
  • Transit/Cargo Coverage
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Commercial Auto / Delivery Vehicle

Marijuana-specific coverage offerings may accompany a traditional business insurance policy. We will review these instances and address the ability to bundle policies.

To gain insight into marijuana insurance and our complete array of offerings, please contact our agency.

Is Cannabis Insurance Available Near Me?

Working alongside an ever-changing environment, such as the cannabis industry, means our agents need to be able to roll with consistent developments. The agents at Mosaic Insurance Alliance, LLC are committed to growing and evolving with the industry, as well as communicating changes directly to our clientele. 

As a national sponsor of the Marijuana Business Association (MJBA), we frequently discuss protection strategy with fellow leaders in the cannabis industry.

Our goal is to take the haze out of insurance for your pot operation, stripping out the inefficiencies. Sign up for our informative newsletter by clicking here. To begin rolling out a marijuana insurance policy, request a quote.

Mosaic Insurance Alliance is proud to provide marijuana insurance across Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, Arizona, Montana, and California.

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