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Restaurant Insurance in Lynnwood, WA, Everett, WA, and All of Washington State

Exclusive Food Service Insurance In Washington State

Protect Your Business With Washington Restaurant Insurance

Could your restaurant survive a multi-million-dollar lawsuit? What about a serious fire that puts you out of business for several months? An employee running a long-term fraud scheme? A disgruntled customer who sabotages your business? The fall-out from an outbreak of violence?

These are just a few of the risks in the catering trade that you read about every day. They're the risks you face. And without the protection of Washington Restaurant Insurance, just one of them could ruin you.

But that shouldn't be your concern. You want to be able to focus on building your business success, while someone else takes care of your insurance. In that case, you need Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC.

We are the insurance specialists that scores of establishments already rely on to protect them from the assortment of perils unique to this particular type of business.

Diner And Restaurant Coverage In Washington

In Washington, Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC has established an unrivaled reputation for top-value, high quality insurance plans for restaurants, diners, and many other types of eating establishments.

From a solid foundation of property and liability insurance, the professionals at Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC can build a fully-customized Washington Restaurants Insurance program that takes care of each and every risk your business faces. We can create a comprehensive coverage plan that incorporates options including employee insurance, high-limit liability protection, loss of income, business disruption, special equipment and Commercial Vehicle Insurance (including employees' use of their own vehicles for your business's deliveries), and much more.

Customized Diner Insurance In Washington


We don’t sell "off-the-shelf" Restaurant Insurance because we know everyone's business needs are unique. And we don't provide insurance and then forget about you. We stay in touch, adjusting your WA Food Service Insurance plan to meet your changing needs.

And, because we've been in the insurance business for a long time, we can secure some of the most competitive insurance rates in Washington, with valuable discounts for high deductibles and multiple insurance policies with the same insurer. Even if you already have Restaurants Insurance, you could be paying too much or missing out on important protection.

Why should you have to worry about the unique risks and dangers of the catering game when there are experts who can take care of your WA Diner Insurance needs, quickly and effectively?

Find out fast, for free and without any obligation about Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC's Restaurant Insurance and Bar Insurance programs. Just complete the Free Quote Request form on this page and we'll get working for you.

2 Reasons To Contact Us Now About Your Food Service Insurance!

  1. We administer the Washington State Restaurants Insurance Program. Being part of this program is like receiving service as a Pharaoh - palm leaves swaying to keep you cool and fresh fruit set in your mouth on a Top Ramen budget. This puts your hard-earned money back in your pocket... not the insurance company's pocket where it doesn't belong!
  2. If your current agent hasn't been out to see you and delivered a comprehensive marketing plan and analysis, then it's highly likely you're paying more than you need to for coverage that may be inadequate. The market is changing and Diner Insurance in Washington is changing fast. We will help stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

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