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Katelyn was fast asleep in the house she would soon share with her fiancé. She was lost in dreams of her upcoming wedding and was excited for the next day when she and her mom were going to the wedding show at Meydenbauer Center. Then in the middle of the night, her dreams turned to nightmares as she was awakened by the shrill sound of her smoke detector. Her house was on fire, but thankfully, Katelyn made it out safely. The same wasn’t true for most of her belongings. She was devastated and wanted to get through this as quickly as possible so she could focus on her wedding. She had a lot of questions.

  • “Is everything covered by my Property Insurance?”
  • “What about items not specifically listed on my policy?”
  • “How long until I can move back in to my house, and where will I stay until then?”
  • “How long will it take to replace my things?”
  • “How much will this cost me?”

Kate had Home Insurance, but had never even met or spoken with an agent. She wished she had a personal, local expert on her side to represent her best interests.

Who Is Representing You And Your Property?

Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC works for you.

With all the companies and policies popping up everywhere, it’s impossible to shop and compare them all, so how can you be sure you have the right coverage at the best rate? Put your trust in Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC.

  • We have done the work for you. We constantly research all the options out there, and promise to find the perfect Homeowners Insurance policy for you.
  • Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC shops around, and offers additional discounts, so you’re ensured the best possible price for your Bellevue Property Insurance policy.
  • We don't work for any one insurance company, we partner with dozens, so if/when you need to make a claim, we're on your team.
  • Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC saves you time, stress and money to get you through the process as smoothly as possible so you can get back to your life.

Could A Home Insurance Claim happen To You?

You have 1-in-17 chance of needing to file an insurance claim in any given year. That means you'll likely suffer property damage or theft twice during your adult life. Are you covered?
If you bought your home 10 years ago and haven’t carefully reviewed or made changes to your policy since, you may have costly gaps in your coverage. Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC can review your policy and recommend any updates that will better protect you against financial risks like:

  • Theft
  • Water Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Lawsuits for Accidents or Damage Relating to Your Property
  • Additional Living Expense
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Floods & Earthquake (offered as separate coverage)

We Protect Your Home & Your Budget!

With us, you are guaranteed the best rates available in Washington. In fact, we operate in Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Arizona. Additionally, you may qualify for some additional money-saving discounts - for example, you save more if you agree to cover the first few hundred dollars of a claim, have multiple policies with us, have a green-built home, or if you have security alarms in your home. Plus, we take the time to learn your personal needs so you won’t be overcharged by paying for Homeowners Insurance protection you don’t need.

Don’t wait until you’re a victim of property damage or loss. Let Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC connect you with the best coverage at the best price for you today.

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Outside of Bellevue, we specialize in Home Insurance in Seattle, WARedmond Homeowners Insurance and Property Insurance in Kirkland, WA.

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