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Marcus was in his front yard, enjoying the warm spring sun while mowing the lawn and ready to graduate from the University of Washington Bothell campus when he heard loud creaking sounds followed by a thunderous boom. He stopped the mower and ran to his back yard to find the neighbor’s large tree had crashed down the 6’ privacy fence, crushed the roof of his garage and damages his classic '77 Mustang. He heard his neighbor mummer, “Uh, oh!”, and they looked at each other. Both of them would need some answers from their insurance companies.

  • “Who is responsible?”
  • “How long before we can get the fence repaired and paid for?”
  • “How quickly will it take to fix my shed and the few items damaged inside?”
  • “How much will this cost me out of pocket?”

Both neighbors had Property Insurance in Bothell, but Marcus had never even met or spoken with an agent. He wished he had a personal, local expert he could talk to right away. He wanted an agent who he could trust to represent his best interest rather than their company’s bottom line.

How’s Your Relationship With Your Home Insurance Provider?

Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC will have you and your home covered.

With all the companies and policies popping up everywhere, it’s hard to know who to trust. How can you be sure you have the right Homeowners Insurance coverage at the best rate? You can trust in the experts at Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC to provide you what you expect...the lowest rate with World-Class Service. Yes, it is possible!

  • We continually research all the options available, and we promise to find you the perfect policy. We’re happy to do the work for you.
  • Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC shops and compares. We also offer added discounts, so you will pay the best possible price for your Property Insurance.
  • We are not married to any one insurance company, we partner with dozens reputable providers, so if or when you need to make a claim, Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC is your ally.
  • Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC’s goal is to save you time and hassle to move you through the process as effortlessly and efficiently as possible so you can return to your life.

“A Home Insurance Claim Won't Happen To Me"

Chances are, it will. Statistics show that you have 1-in-17 chance of becoming a victim of property damage or theft in any given year. That’s twice during your adult life. Are you confident in your coverage?

How long ago did your purchase your home? How long has it been since you thoroughly reviewed or updated your policy? Do you have potentially costly gaps in your coverage? Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC can help you find out. We will review your current policy and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are protected against financial risks like:

  • Lawsuits for Accidents or Damage Relating to Your Property
  • Theft
  • Water Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Additional Living Expense
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Personal Injury
  • Floods & Earthquake (offered as separate coverage)

We Cover Your Home & Protect Your Homeowners Insurance budget!

With Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC, you can be certain you’re paying some of the best rates in Washington. Also, you may be eligible for some additional savings if you choose a plan where you cover the initial few hundred dollars of your claim, have numerous policies with us, or if you have security alarms for your home. You’ll rest easy knowing that we work with you to learn what your specific needs are, so you will never pay for Bothell Property Insurance products you don’t need.

Don’t put it off until it’s time to make a claim of property damage or loss. Contact Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC now to get your totally FREE, personalized insurance quote.

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“What a simple, pain-free and enjoyable change. Paul and his team were able to take care of all my insurance and made it easy for me to make the change to Mosaic. He was also able to cut my Landlord policy price in half!” - Karen Kowalski, Happily Insured in Bothell

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