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Don't wait for this to happen to you. Get your no cost, no obligation Auto Insurance quote today. A night out with no kids…a dream for many parents, but for Nate and Kim, it turned out to be a nightmare. While making a left turn off NE 205th Street for a date at Cinebarre, they were broadsided by an uninsured driver who ran a red light. Both Nate and Kim suffered injuries. Their car was totaled. This was their first accident, and they had a list of questions and concerns.

  • “It’s the other driver’s fault, but they were an uninsured motorist.”
  • “Who pays for the tow truck?”
  • “Who pays for my replacement car?”
  • “How much will medical bills and follow up physical therapy appointments cost? Who pays for this?”
  • “What about lost wages from our time off of work?”
  • “Will I need legal action against the uninsured motorist, and if I do, how much could that cost me?”
  • “Will we have to pay some of these costs up front to be reimbursed later? We can’t afford that.”

Nate and Kim would have loved to sit and talk with a local expert to answer their questions, but they had purchased online Car Insurance with no local agents, and when they finally talked to a person in another state, it felt like they were only concerned with reducing the insurance company's expenses rather than helping the couple. It felt like they were alone.

It Should Not Be You Against Your Automobile Insurance Company.

At Mosaic Insurance Alliance, LLC, we are with you any time you need us.

With all the exhausting Auto Insurance options, it’s no wonder many people feel overwhelmed and simply settle for what they already have. Yes, you want excellent coverage with your policy, but you don’t want to pay too much. Really, who has the time to navigate through all the possibilities to find the best one?

  • We do, and we’d be happy to sort through the tedious minutiae and ambiguous industry language to clear the path to the perfect insurance choice for you.
  • Our Car Insurance specialists will discover the best value for your needs, and with our super discounts, you can take advantage of the best Automobile Insurance policy at the best price.
  • Our expert team does not work for an insurance company; Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC partners with dozens of providers. We work for you, so when a time comes that you need to make a claim, you have your own local expert to personally escort you through the process.
  • You will never have to go through it alone, as our customer is always our priority. We promise to work hard to get you through the process as quickly and easily as we can.

Does your policy have you covered, or have you lapsed altogether with your Auto Insurance?

Our state has explicit guidelines when it comes the level and types of insurance you are legally required to have. If you underinsured, or not insured at all, and you find yourself in an accident, your gross income can be garnished up to 40% for up to 30 years. Unless you're okay sharing your income with a complete stranger, finding the right coverage for you may be important.

Do You Know What’s Required? Are You Covered?

Mountlake Terrace Car Insurance experts at Mosaic Insurance Alliance, LLC will thoroughly examine your policy and not only ensure you are compliant with state law, but also ensure you have the most effective policy for you and your family.

Don’t wait for a collision to check in to your auto policy. Let our professional team secure the best Mountlake Terrace Automobile Insurance policy at the best value for you now.

Your personalized, no obligation Auto Insurance quote is just a call or click away.

Simply, fill out the Free Quote Request Form on this page, or give us a ring at 425.320.4280 to discuss your Car Insurance needs with a specialist at your convenience.

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"We are so pleased with the service provided by Sarah Boyd at Mosaic Insurance Alliance. When we first spoke with her, we were not really sure what we kind of coverage we needed. Additionally, we had a quick time frame that we needed to complete our coverage. Sarah took the time to listen our thoughts and concerns and was able to provide the best insurance coverage with an extremely fast turn around. Insurance lingo can be a bit confusing (insert Charlie Brown's teacher's voice here) and overwhelming, but Sarah took the time to explain everything to us in terms that we could understand. We are privileged to have someone like her and her team at Mosaic to turn to." - DH Parker

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