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Get your no-cost Auto Insurance quote now, before this happens to you. Have you ever held your breath after checking your rear-view mirror only to see the car behind you going much too fast? Jeff felt just that before he was hit. There was a car in front of him, and nowhere to move on either side. He knew he was going to be hit...and hard. He was on his way to a movie at Redmond Town Center with his girlfriend when the uninsured driver behind him was busy on his cell phone and rear-ended Jeff's small car. Both he and his girlfriend were jolted, and even with the airbags, they suffered various injuries. His car also sustained thousands of dollars worth of damage. After the accident Jeff was faced with uncertainty as he wondered who would pay for:

  • Their medical expenses?
  • A rental car?
  • The tow truck?
  • His time away from his job?
  • Any associated legal fees?

Jeff bought his Car Insurance on the internet. He was missing a trusted agent to advise him on the coverage he should have. And, in most cases, save money on top of it all! His online insurance company was protecting their own interests, so who could Jeff trust for answers?

Does Your Insurance Company Have Your Best Interests At Heart?

Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC in Lynnwood, WA will work for you.

We know you want the best policy for your needs and your budget, and we also know you are too busy to investigate every option and every Automobile Insurance provider. So let our expert team do it for you.

  • Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC will explore all your options, clearing a path through all the confusing language and conditions, to find the right Vehicle Insurance for you.
  • We will shop and compare policies, and pass along our special discounts to you, so you’re sure to get the best possible rate for your Auto Insurance.
  • We don’t work for one insurance provider, we work with dozens. So if/when the time arises when you need to make a claim, we’ll be on your side helping you through it from beginning to end.
  • Choosing Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC saves you time and money to get you back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

Maybe The Uninsured Or Underinsured Motorist Is You

Did you know that in our state, if you are involved in a vehicle accident without any or adequate Car Insurance, the state of Washington can garnish your salary, up to 40% of your gross income, for up to 30 years?

It’s time to find out if you are you sufficiently insured.

Redmond, Washington’s Automobile Insurance experts at Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC will review your current policy to help you evaluate how much Vehicle Insurance is right for you and the amount of insurance you must carry by law.

Let Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC get you properly insured with the right coverage at the right price. Click here for your free, personalized Auto Insurance quote right now.

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Just fill out the no-obligation, Free Quote Request Form on this page, or give us a ring at 425.320.4280 to chat with your local insurance specialist at a time that works best for you.

We provide customized protection options for:

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This satisfied customer was happy he did.

“Thanks to Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC for helping me with my Auto Insurance. Not only did they double my coverage, but they also decreased my premium by $565 per year, that is about 41%! They were very friendly and took the time to explain the policy. Now I feel much better knowing that I have the right coverage. I recommend Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC to all my friends and family members without reservation.” - Roberto Garcia, Local Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC Customer

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