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You've been there, in the correct lane heading into the express lanes through Seattle and suddenly someone speeds up, passes a whole line of cars on the right and forces their way in front of you. It happened to Kate and her friend on the way to a Seattle Mariners game, and she will never forget it. In her case it was an uninsured motorist, driving a big truck, who hit the front passenger side of her car while forcing his way in front of her. Her small sedan turned sideways and she was hit again from the car behind her. Her head hit the window. Her neck was jarred by the air bag. Her friend was also injured, and her car sustained thousands of dollars worth of damage. After the accident Kate had questions.

  • "Am I covered for uninsured motorists?"
  • "If so, are my car AND my rental car AND our medical bills AND time off work covered?"
  • "Will I have to hire an expensive attorney?"
  • "How much will this cost me?"

Kate had purchased insurance online. She didn't have a personal, local expert on her side. Her Automobile Insurance company was protecting their own business, so who was protecting her?

Who Is Protecting You?

Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC in Lynnwood, WA works for you.

So many options exist in Washington for Car Insurance that it's impossible to research them all. That's where we help. Finding insurance solutions is what we do. With a few key pieces of information from you, we shop the market to find the best rate and the best coverage... bottom line. You can trust us to be your advocate.

  • We do the work for you. We contact multiple companies to find the right fit for you just like a tailor-made suit.
  • We shop and compare policies, and with our super discounts, you’re ensured the best possible price for your Vehicle Insurance.
  • We don't work for one insurance company, we represent dozens. This means we work for you. As your insurance advisors, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you when a claim occurs.
  • We will save you time and money and get you back on the road fast.

What if you’re the uninsured or underinsured motorist?

Did you know that in Washington State, if you are involved in an auto accident without Auto Insurance or even without enough insurance, the state has the authority to garnish your wages, up to 40% of your gross income, for up to 30 years?

How Do You Know If You Are Properly Insured?

King County’s insurance experts at Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC can review your policy and help you decide how much coverage is right for you and the level of protection you must have by law, including:

  • Liability
  • No-fault Coverage (PIP)
  • Collision Insurance
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Towing Coverage
  • Rental Car Reimbursement

Automobile coverage protects you from what might happen. Why pay more for something you may never use? But, when you do, you'll relax with a sign of relief that you allowed Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC to build a fortress of protection for the best price possible.

Get your free, personalized Car Insurance quote right now, and protect your car, yourself and your family with the perfect coverage for you.

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"Having Paul and Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC as a business partner has been fantastic! Paul and his team go out of their way to provide customers and clients with a 'WOW' experience every time. I feel very confident referring my best customers and clients knowing that they will receive excellent service." Todd Fahlman, Keller Williams Realty

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