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Shannon and her boxer, Max, were heading home after a long walk on the Sammamish River Trail, and as they approached their house Max started barking. The front door was wide open. She could see she had been robbed and went to the neighbors to call the police. Thankfully, no one was home during the robbery, but Shannon was overwhelmed and filled with questions when thinking about she should do next.

  • “Are all my missing things covered by my Homeowners Insurance?”
  • “What if I didn’t have all of the items listed specifically on my policy?”
  • “What about the physical damage done to my home as a result of the break-in?”
  • “How much could this cost me?”

Shannon had simply chosen to go with the insurance recommended by her mortgage lender and had never even talked to or seen an agent. She didn’t have a personal, local expert on her side. Would her insurance company be more concerned about their own bottom line rather than helping her?

Does Your Woodinville Property Insurance Policy Protect Your Best Interest?

If you were happily insured through Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC, then the answer would be yes. There are limitless Woodinville Home Insurance options to choose from, making it near impossible to shop and compare them all. So, how can you be assured that you have the right coverage at the right rate? Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC will have you covered.

  • We do the all the hard work and research for you. We assess, evaluate and filter through the possibilities to match you with just the right insurance policy.
  • Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC shops and compares the multiple policy options available and can secure special discounts to save you more. This means you’re going to get the best possible price for your Property Insurance in Woodinville.
  • We aren't married to one insurance company, we have relationships with dozens of trustworthy partners, so if/when the time comes when you need to make a claim, Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC will be your best ally.
  • Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC saves you time, stress and money to get you through the claim process as smoothly as possible.

Wondering If A Home Insurance Claim Can Happen To You?

Research shows that in any one year, you have 1-in-17 chance of needing to file a Homeowners Insurance claim. So statistically speaking, you'll experience property (water or fire) damage or theft twice during your adult life. Are you prepared – is your policy?

If you purchased your home several years ago and haven’t reviewed or updated your policy since, you could have pricey gaps in your coverage. Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC will review your policy with you and fill in the gaps where needed. Your updated policy can protect you against financial risks like:

  • Water Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Libel and Slander (Personal Injury)
  • Sewer Backup
  • Theft
  • Lawsuits for Accidents or Damage Relating to Your Property
  • Floods & Earthquake (offered as separate coverage)

The Happily Insured Pay Less!

Looking for the lowest rates possible? However, you don't want to sacrifice service? No worries. We save our clients up to 37% and deliver World-Class Service. In the insurance industry, it is possible! If you don't believe us, it's because your current agent or 800# company simply hasn't delivered like they should.

Our rates are the most competitive in Washington, and we have some valuable discounts -- for example, you save if you agree to pay the first few hundred dollars of a claim, have more than one policy with us or even if you have security alarms installed at your residence. Also, we take the time getting to know your individual needs so you won’t be overcharged by paying for Property Insurance products you may not need.

Don’t put this off until you’re a victim of home or property damage or loss. Let Mosaic Insurance Alliance LLC find the best coverage at the best rate for you now.

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“Making the change to Mosaic was a smart decision for me…both personally and professionally. The personal attention to my protection needs makes me feel peace of mind and a level of competence I didn’t feel before. I’m extremely happy with Mosaic taking care of me.” - Jeff Mayo, Mayo Veterinary Services

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