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Drone Insurance in Lynnwood, WA, Everett, WA, and All of Washington State

Flying Over the Insurance Options Accessible for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Enthusiasts in Washington

Safe drone flying is a process more intricate than just being aware of your surroundings. In fact, the act of flying a device, such as a drone, is a singular aspect of a greater focus on safety for unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators.

At Mosaic Insurance Alliance, LLC, we not only noticed the increased popularity of drones, but also the risks relevant to drone users in the state of Washington. In turn, local authorities have also recognized the industry’s growth, and have taken steps to tighten regulation and review guidelines in Seattle and surrounding Washington communities.

Although drone insurance is not required for recreational or commercial uses at this time, we recommend considering protection for physical loss and/or damage, as well as liability coverage. 

Insuring Your Drone

Our agents lift off the policy production process by learning the ins and outs of your drone use. Whether you are interested in aerial photography and video or simply considering a new hobby, we will work directly with you to establish a route toward accurate, affordable protection for your UAV.

Depending on your drone use, liability coverage may need to extend beyond the confines of physical damage. Invasion of privacy claims fall under personal injury, and remain a growing concern for drone operators. Together, we can review these parameters and make sure you are within compliance.

In terms of coverage for commercial use, the following specific industries may consider developing a drone insurance policy to complement their business insurance portfolio:

  • Real estate
  • Law Enforcement
  • Energy, Oil, and Gas Companies
  • Agriculture
  • Public Entities
  • Search and Rescue
  • Television, Film, and Media
  • Photography

To gain additional insight into the options available exclusively for drone operators, please contact an agent.

Agents Acting as a Wingman to Drone Operators

As technology develops, we plan to develop our plan for protection right along with it. Ongoing service extends even after a drone insurance policy is in place. We continuously monitor alterations in government regulations, proceeding with coverage updates when necessary. Insurance is an investment, and we operate with an intention to educate clients on their drone insurance investment. 

To get a policy off the ground, please request a quote.

Additional Resources:

  1. Regulation Information on Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) (Federal Aviation Administration (FAA))
  2. Temporary Airspace Restrictions Guide (Federal Aviation Administration (FAA))

At Mosaic Insurance Alliance, LLC, we’re proud provide drone insurance in Lynnwood, Everett, Snohomish, Seattle, Bellevue, and Bothell, WA. We’re licensed in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and Arizona.